Ok, folk music is not really Euphoric’s forte. However, local artists are. So when Santa Cruz folk duo, Oh, Bears! dropped their newest recording on Soundcloud I pounced on it like Yogi on a picnic basket.

For the past couple of years, Kyle Nosler (guitar/lead vocals) and Dan Lamothe (stand-up bass. You might also recognize him as the bassist for local punk outfit, Stellar Corpses) have rocked the local circuit as Oh, Bears! Steeped in dusty road stories, their music is more country folk than anything, but the energy and ethics of punk is undeniably there.


“Drugs and Blasphemy (Self-Medicate)” is a perfect example. Anyone familiar with their live show will immediately recognize the tune, as it’s been a fan favorite for some time. It begins with a rich melody carried by self-conscious lyrics of someone in the throws of addiction and the fast, rock ‘n roll lifestyle. The somber opening quickly crescendo’s into a fast-paced, whirlwind chorus fueled by whiskey and chemicals. As the audiences head spins further and further down the musical self-medication, Lamothe and Nosler abruptly halted the tornado for the next verse. Trust me, when they play this live, even people who hate dancing find our feet moving without rhyme or reason.

Keep on the lookout for the next time they play and I’ll stay on top of the recordings for your euphoric listening. Crossing my fingers this will be the first of many new recordings to come in the near future.