Enigmatic, colorful and with a luscious voice, Elohim is changing the pop-synth scene. The L.A. based artist uses imagery and masks to conceal her identity, only going by the Hebrew name for “God.”

Debuting her first single only last year, Elohim has taken the blogosphere by storm, gaining momentum with listeners not being able to get enough of her pop songs and dark lyrics. Her music conveys a sense of intimacy, sometimes almost as if she is speaking directly to the listener about her life, a theory confirmed in the several interviews circulating the net.

“Sensations” is the debut single from her forthcoming, self-titled, EP.  But God only knows she is just starting to make her waves and will be riding the music scene for a while to come.


Malaysian beat-maker, Darren Ashley, gracefully blends beats and sounds together into the quickly budding Future Bass scene. Every Monday he has been releasing new, unique singles–via Soundcloud–for his “Monday Juice” project.

Last week he dropped “Question” a futuristic dance tune with plenty of bleeps and bloops somehow concocted into a tasty tune. Incredibly underground, undeniably different and continuously proficient, Darren Ashley might just become your favorite beat chef nobody’s heard of.


After two years, we finally get a new album from the Trap Lord himself, A$AP FERG. Dropped this month, Always Strive and Prosper, finds the Harlem rapper evolving his style with songs that are–dare I say–happier than on his 2014 release, Trap Lord. Which is a weird thing to write, because the album still has its dark moments, as on “Hungry Ham,”–about his hometown streets–even if the music itself is upbeat and features Skrillex and Crystal Caines. Along with those two unlikely collaborations, A$AP’s sophmore album features an array of guest artists picked from some of the newest hip hop crop–like Big Sean–to established names in the game like Future and even Missy Elliot.

Therein lies the enigma of Always Strive and Prosper. Half of the album showcases dance-able, happy music with the usual morbid, hip hop lyrics. The other half features slower, more somber beats flowing under lyrics that–while introspective–are more positive than we’ve heard from Ferg in the past. Case in point, his latest single.

On Flem, with a beautiful and head-banging beat by Kirk Knight, Ferg gets deep about his life and how it has changed in the last six years since joining his high school friends in the A$AP Mob. He discusses the fame, playing Coachella and realizing just how crazy it all has been. Then there are lyrics like this:

I could’ve fucked my life up

with the Bobby ‘n Whitney route

God bless ’em

Them drugs is a weapon

would get me so high i had to learn my lesson

bet i came a long way from depression

dealing with oppression

A true heart-to-heart with the listener and far more telling of where he is these days. Clear minded and focused on the game, A$AP Ferg is back and here to always strive and prosper.



Euphoric / Euphoric Styles / Euphoric.net


UK club queen, Katy B, is back with a bang! On April 22 she released her third studio album, Honey, and dropped here latest single, “Water Rising,” only a few days before.

The newest track is indicative of the album, melodic beats flowing through the cloud of Katy’s sultry voice. Honey features a multitude of collaborations with some of today’s hottest artists and producers and water rising is a great example with MssingNo and Geeneus producing the track. Something tells us you’ll be hearing more of this track throughout the Spring, just be sure to tell your friends where you heard it first.




Euphoric / Euphoric Styles / Euphoric.net


It’s been two days since Prince died and the world is still in shock as details of his last days come to light. As with any musician, death has a bittersweet twinge for listeners as more and more artist estates release more unheard tunes posthumously, than they did when alive. Cue today’s mix.

Back in 1989, a young Tim Burton was taking the Hollywood scene by storm. He already had two successful hits under his belt (Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure and Beetlejuice) and decided to embark on a dark version of everyone’s favorite masked Gotham vigilante, Batman. For the soundtrack, he picked one of the day’s hottest recording artists which ended up being Prince’s 11th studio album.

While today it definitely sounds like your cliche, 1980’s song, “Batdance” actually made it’s way to Billboard’s Hot 100 list when it was released. Here we have a previously, unreleased mix featuring 1980’s hip hop extraordinaire, Big Daddy Kane. Prince maybe dead, but he will always be the king of soulful, dance music.





Just in time for the holidaze comes a blazin’ new track from Compton’s own, The Game. “2 Blunts”–featuring smoker supreme, Wiz Khalifa and the sultry, Lorine Chia–is some of that fire hip hop any smoker can chill to. Produced by Free P, the track floats on a cloud of smoke nostalgic to early Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony while keeping the Game’s heavy-handed, West Coast beats.

Only two things can make this track better and if we have to tell you what they are, you ain’t been listening. Light it, up!


What do you get when you cross a reigning hip-hop DJ with one of today’s hottest acts? The incredibly banging, new track from DJ Shadow, “Nobody Speak” featuring Run the Jewels. It’s the latest to be released from Shadow’s forthcoming album,  The Mountain Will Fall due June 24th.

For all you youngins out there, DJ Shadow helped blaze the 2000s DJ scene with his critically acclaimed, 1996 debut, Entroducing. That album has since been called one of the best albums of all-time by numerous publications like Rolling Stone, Pitchfork and Slant. He has since gone on to continue his experimental music with an arsenal of over 60,000 records.

Of course, Run the Jewels is the combination of Killer Mike and El-P. After debuting their first, self-titled album for FREE in 2013, Run the Jewels has since gone on to become one of the hottest acts in hip hop. Whether it’s Coachella, Bonaroo, Madison Square Garden, or supporting presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, Run the Jewels has infiltrated pop culture as well as the playlists of every teenager to 30-something.

This latest track is the best mix of both worlds. DJ Shadow mixes a beat as cool as anything on a Tarantino soundtrack while Killer Mike bodies the mic with his deadly delivery. Bump this one loud and get in a euphoric state of mind.


Run The Jewels   publicity PR 2014 credit: Michael Schmelling via Trevor de Brauw/Biz3
Run The Jewels
publicity PR 2014
credit: Michael Schmelling
Trevor de Brauw/Biz3





It’s April, the sun’s out and that means it’s time to work on the beach tan during the day and pop bottles in the sweat-filled clubs at night. No party gets cracking without the right beats and Santa Cruz’s own The Pirate has just the mix to get those asses shaking.

Whether it’s spinning tracks at Emissions or setting up shows with Raindance Productions at clubs throughout San Francisco and Santa Cruz, The Pirate has worked ’round-the-clock in the Bay Area and Northern California EDM scene for a better part of the last decade. With a wide range of musical taste, the Pirate perfectly blends reggae, trap, hip hop, dub and even calypso into hard-hitting, one-of-a-kind tracks.

His latest mix is 29 minutes of slammin’ beats and intoxicating rhythms for the Bass Tribe’s “Spring Bling” series. From start to finish, Pirate pulls the fun and obscure together in a blend you can’t help but play over and over. One glance at that tracklist and it’s easy to see how he managed to gain over 1300 plays in under a week.




Chef Red ft No Tv No Radio – King

Channels – OD (Original Mix/

Cavest – one to the two

Luude – Raichu

DZZ – Build Me

mac – skype

Thook – P P F

wize – the code (prod by ghosttown)

Suma – Matter (Final)

obei – Ruby

EVERLAKE – Turiyah

thefaded. – IXTLI


Popcaan – Where We Come From (The Heatwave Remix)

Busy Signal – Bad Longtime

miss bolivia – bien warrior (djcaution remix)

Chico Navarro – MIRA MIRA (Ghetto Vanessa Edit)

Busta Rhymes – I Love MY Bitch (NICK BIKE 1V EDIT)