What’s better than two awesome things coming together to create perfection? Peanut Butter and Jelly. Whiskey and Coke. Gatorade and hangovers. Ok, maybe that last one works but not in the context I meant. Whatever. Here’s another thing to add to the list of amazing combinations: Stranger Things and Twenty-One Pilots brought to us by the Bay Area’s own, DJ Tripp.

For those who never came back from that last acid trip over the festival season, Stranger Things is the take-off hit Netflix series. Set in the 1980’s the show follows a group of one-day-will-rule-the-tech-world middle school nerds who are trying to find their friend, Will, after he mysteriously disappears. Along with his friends, Will’s mother–played by Winona Ryder–is the only other person who also believes he is alive and joins the hunt. The series chases the viewer into a forest of twists and turns as a strange girl named Eleven shows up followed by Men in Black figures.

Oh, and did I mention the monster from a parallel universe that eats people? Yeah, there’s that too.



Keeping with the kitsch 80’s theme, the soundtrack to Stranger Things is a tasty soup of hits from the decade and original synth music.

DJ Tripp–who is the resident DJ for 80’s and 90’s night at the Blue Lagoon in Santa Cruz every Thursday and Friday night and DJs Bootie at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco every Saturday–has quite the ear for music. While listening to the latest Twenty-One Pilots song, “Heathens”–written for the Suicide Squad soundtrack–he noticed it sounded eerily similar to the theme music for the Netflix cult hit. When he realized they were even in the same key, he set to work and created this fun remix.

I’ve been blasting it all morning while trying to figure out just wtf happened to Barbara.