Yesterday Bob Dylan–you know, that guy your parents always tried to get you to listen to when you were young but you really discover when you’re in college–celebrated his 75th birthday. In honor of the King of Garbled Crooning with the Golden Lyrics, Animal Collective remixed his famous, early career track, “Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright.”

Needless to say, the Baltimore band of experimental pop artists do a complete make-over of the classic Dylan song. While the original is a break-up song, it’s also a little faster than most, moving away from the heartbreak and infusing a sliver of hope to the listener with it’s charismatic tempo. Animal Collective turns this concept on its head with a heartbeat tempo; strange mystical sounds and their signature animal noises in the background. We have to admit, it’s oddly soothing and surprisingly good, even with the looped samples of Dylan’s harmonica lulling ears at the end.





Look, let’s be real. Shit’s getting bad out there in 2016. Global Warming, racial violence, terrorism, Donald Trump, all signs of our times and probably the Apocalypse. America, and the world, needs to hear more voices speaking up and shouting out. We need. . .the Prophets of Rage!

By now you might have heard the rumors that Rage Against the Machine members Tom Morello, Brad Wilk, and Tim Commerford will be regrouping. But wait, it gets better. They’ll be joined by Public Enemy’s own prophet of power, Chuck D., and the one-and-only B. Real of Cypress Hill.

A clock on the counting down to May 31, it appears the rumors are true. This week Chuck D tweeted teasers to his fans. is also reporting the band will make their live debut on June 3rd at the historic Hollywood Palladium, with a Whisky A-Go Go show to follow.


Anyone who says hip-hop is dead hasn’t checked out Chicago’s SaveMoney collective. The most famous name to come out of the group to this point has been Chance the Rapper, but all that is about to change with the drop of Joey Purps’ debut, iiiDrops.

I’m sure you’re thinking, “But Joey Purps has been building his name for the last year featuring bars on several tracks,” which is true. But fam, check it. The singles he has been releasing on the path to his debut have been some of the most fire hip hop I’ve heard in a minute. First came “Photobooth,” with it’s James Brown horn section samples and just the right amount of space floating between the booming beat.

Enter his second single, “Girls.”

Following in the footsteps of “Photobooth,” there’s a lot going on in this song and yet maintains a minimal sound that keeps it honest. Produced by Knox Fortune–another SaveMoney member who recently made his debut on Chance’s latest mixtape, Coloringbook,– “Girls” plays between a rubbery, bouncing bass and odd sounds like chimes, bubble pops and a subtle rhythm in the background as if someone is drumming on a drinking glass. So how did he create so much space for Purp and Chance to lay their flows so smoothly?

Purp and crew are creating new, exciting music with an old school flow and feel that feels almost timeless. I guess the future will tell but for now, turn this shit up loud!!!

iiiDrops on May 27th





Whhhhooaaaa, hold up.  How did this one pass us up??? Luckily the video just dropped last week, so we can pick up the fumble.

For every person who had their friends clownin’ on yo girl and you had to yell out, “She ain’t fat, just a lil thick,” this song is for you. The man who likes everything gold, Trinidad James, has joined forces with NOLA alumni, Mystikal and our newest favorite, Jewish rapper, Lil’ Dicky. This party jam celebrates the curvier side of life and all the joys they can bring. And honestly, how can anyone not love Mystikal angrily yelling lines like “She ain’t chubby, she juicy!” ???

The video is even more fun and outrageous with shots of Lil Dicky eating food in a hot tub with two thick hotties and even a random, mariachi midget getting it on under a table. Sure, maybe it’s a little offensive, but that’s one of the reasons why we all love  hip hop, right? Besides, ain’t nothing wrong with celebrating the big ladies. Like Mystikal says, “sure she might be a little round but she look like Beyonce layin’ down.”


Super chef Makonnen is back at it again with his latest fire track, “Keep It on the Low.” Dropped earlier today by Two-9 crew member, Su$h! Ceej, ILoveMakonnen’s newest jam features everything we love about the artist. His syzrped-vocals float  over a dark, spacey beat perfectly complimented by a blunt or spliff.

This comes only two months after he dropped his Drink More Water 6 mixtape and three new singles over the last several weeks. Does this mean we’ll be getting a lot more Makonnen in the coming months? Keep posted to see what else he’s cooking up.



Music knows no boundaries or boarders and New Zealand artist, Maya Payne, proves it. The 19 year old artist hit the scene last year with the singles “If Only,” “Fragile” and “Falling.” The talented prodigy began her singing career at only six and started composing her own songs at 11, when most of us were still discovering the internet.

She recently finishing her latest EP, The Lucky Ones. The first single, “Self Defined” is an upbeat number as beautiful as it is empowering. After all, what’s more powerful than a strong, talented woman enchanting the listener over a strong, electronic beat?

Maya Payne says she is currently working on her full-length, but we all know art takes time. So for now, define yourself with this euphoric debut and keep your ear to the internet.

BUOY–“Clouds & Rain”

As we quickly approach the half-way mark of 2016, there have been several artists to watch for and Buoy is one of them. Born Charmian Kingston, this Aussie singer has been brewing in the underground with two singles from earlier this year.  Last week she released her debut EP, Immersion, and it has already gained momentum for his dark, ambient tones set to odd, yet catchy beats.


On “Clouds & Rain” we find Buoy exemplifying this.  A strange, house-like background sets the scene as Buoy lyrically explores the space between the sounds. Strikingly haunting and undeniably infectious, she builds upon the beat in ways many of today’s artists only dream. Keep your ear to the ground in the next several months and it’s a guarantee her name will pop up again, probably more than once.