Direct – Trust In Me EP

Sometimes you find the right soundtrack to accentuate your life. That one album that finds its way into your brain and somehow provides tracks to the moments in your life that mean the most. The ups. The downs. The in-betweens. The après le déluge, as it were. 

Trust in Me by Direct is one of those EPs.



Released by Monstercat, Trust in Me divulges into the dark and deep parts of the human subconscious while still maintaining its pop sensibility. A task not easily taken but then again, Direct ‘s work ethic is all in his name.

Hailing from New Jersey, Direct has already earned his stripes in the EDM scene, garnering positive reviews from places like and The Untz. His website boasts a Moodboard to accompany the five song EP, that is a “collection of visual art that relates to the Trust In Me EP,” and it doesn’t disappoint. The visuals are just as beautiful as the delicate yet powerful music. Elegant and surreal, Direct dives into the psyche and brings the listener up for air just in time.

So whether you’re staying up late on that big project, relaxing with a spliff in your bed, or taking a long drive to gather your thoughts underneath the man-made stars that align the blacktop of our lives, turn this on and let your mind wander. Just remember Euphoric told you so.


Candyland & Ricci – “Touch Me”

Are you ready for some bumpin’ bass and funky-azz House shizz that will serve as the soundtrack at your next party? Then make way for the collaborative track, “Touch Me” by Candyland and Ricci.

Neither one of these names were familiar to me before I heard this track, so a little investigation was in order. I discovered that Candyland is a male/female duo made up of Ethan and Josie, hailing from the sunny, beach town of Santa Barbara.  Although their hometown is known for its luxury, Candyland never got any handouts, often sleeping in their car while making and performing music. But it seems like after over 2 years on the scene, they’re turning heads. Like Ricci.



Born in Brazil, Ricci, has already remixed or collaborated a plethora of  “who’s who” in the EDM world like Vintage Culture and Daft Punk. He’s hitting the Lollapalooza Brasil fest this year, sharing the stage with artists like Metallica, G-Eazy and Borgore.

Released by Canadian EDM label, Monstercat, “Touch Me” combines the fun of House with the drops and power of Bass culture for an ass-shaking good time. The song demands an audience of sweaty bodies writing to the beat under the influence of the party or whatever substance of choice one prefers.



Flume – “Say It” ft. Tove Lo (Illenium Remix)

We should all be familiar with Flume by now. The Australian producer and musician, born Harley Edward Streten, hit the scene in a powerful way with remixes and collaborations with Lorde, Arcade Fire and Sam Smith. His second album, Skin, dropped earlier this year and ignited the critics. His tracks are light but driven, taking the listener through an acid daydream of beauty.

Illenium might not be as known as Flume, but just wait. The Denver based producer has only been on the scene for the last 2 years or so but already has a nice body of work on his turntables. Along with his remixes of artists like the Chainsmokers, Odesza and Dawn Golden, Illenium released his debut album, Ashes, earlier this year and it’s a helluva ride through the sonic mind. He’s currently on tour throughout the U.S. so check his site ( for dates near you.

Here’s Illenium’s remix of this year’s latest Flume single, “Say It.”  It’s a 4.5 minute track that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face and give  you a moment to yourself. Enjoy euphorically.



Whether you love him or love to hate him, Borgore is back! That’s right, the Israeli dubstep producer, DJ, and founder of Buygore Records is not only touring the U.S. but he just released his latest track, a 2 minute and 17 second lil number called “Daddy.”

And the people are loving it.

At only 4 days old, “Daddy” already has 207,000 plays on Soundcloud. But do we need to tell Borgore that it’s good? Of course not. He already proudly throws it out there with the only lyrics in the track, “All the bitches love me ’cause I’m motherfuckin’ Daddyin.'”

Of course, all this builds up to his signature, dirty bass drop.

It’s heavy. It’s funky. It’s a lot of words that–taken out of context–might make this a lot more dirty that I want. But it’s that good. It’s porno good.

Bay area fans can check out Borgore with Ookay, San Holo, Terravita, and Laxx on Oct 21 at City National Civic in San Jose for the Safe in Sound Fest.


SoundSnobz – CTRL

Ok, I’m going to admit it. I’m not really what you would call an EDM fan. Born and raised in Rock ‘N Roll, I graduated to punk, jazz, soul, outlaw country and metal. Basically every damn thing I could get my hands onto besides electronic music.

Then, the gods that be decided to get a good chuckle and I scored a job writing for Now I’m nipple-deep in bass, trap, house, and other electronic music I’m actually starting to ENJOY the damn stuff. Oh irony, you tricky fox.

Recently, I was shown UK producer Troyboi, and discovered just how artistic this genre can be. I jumped on the chance to work the Euphoric Press Tent at Northern Nights this last July curious not only for the adventure, but to check out Troyboi’s set. And he did not disappoint. His electrifying energy and unique style shocked even the most critical parts of my brain into admitting I was witnessing something pure, original and new. But again, I’m late to the party.


“CTRL” the latest release from SoundSnobz–Troyboi’s collaboration project with IceKream–was released yesterday on Elysian Records and fits nicely in the band’s discography. “CTRL” continues the duo’s innovative style while keeping the track firmly anchored with an infectious beat. While they aren’t reinventing the wheel with this one, it still ventures into experimental territory at times, keeping the song fresh and alive.

Is this this sign of more, new SoundSnobz tunes to come? Stay tuned!


For those who have been paying attention in a euphoric manner, Santa Cruz DJ and Producer, LabRat, isn’t a new name. The 25 year old Bass engineer has been rocking the scene since 2010, when he released his remix of the XX’s “Crystalized” to great acclaim. Since then, he has crafted his own unique style of dubstep and EDM, blowing up the Bay Area and festival scene.

Yesterday he dropped his latest track, “California Condor,” a three and a half minute flight through his trippy brain on  MalLabel Music. Unlike the track’s namesake, the Bass scene is in no way close to being labeled “critically endangered,” especially if Labrat has anything to say about it.

“California Condor” soars through the musical genre, with pockets of  high-pitched electronic glitchiness guiding the track through an open space of heavy bass. There are no low valleys here, just peaks of happiness to gaze down upon while the instrumentals. So get comfy, place your tray tables and seats in the upright position, and brace yourself for a sonic adventure through the mind’s sky.




Originality is essential to any art, but in the EDM world, it’s everything. If you sound like one of the other thousands of artists producing on their laptop, you’re not going to get very far in your career. A DJ and producer has to be confident in their sound and give no fucks about what is currently happening in the music scene. They have to hold onto their ideas, and love themselves first. And that’s exactly what IceKream does on his new track, “Squeeze Me.”


Two days ago,  IceKream, the mysterious half of SoundSnobz (the other half would be the very public Troyboi) dropped his latest track on Soundcloud and it already has over 38.5k  plays and 3,000 likes. Needless to say, this original anthem is picking up steam and it’s easy to see why. His jazzy house beats and chill vibes carry the track to levels of love. Like you’re being bear hugged by some blue jazz. After it’s done you just want to give Icekream a big. . .ol. . .squeeze and that ain’t no euphoric jive.



Fresh from the artist’s board, L.A. Pop vocalist MOONZz and Hydde–the latest electronic project from David Pramik–team up for the dreamy track, “Anything You Want.”

While she’s been writing and performing music for some time, MOONZz broke into the public eye with the release of her 2015 debut single, “Satisfy.” She’s kept 2016 busy with the release of several fire tracks including a cover of the Fugees, “Killing Me Softly.”



“Anything You Want,” is a happy-go-dancy EDM track that manages to make the listener feel there is a deeper, more profound subtext. It’s the third single released off her upcoming, Trust Cycles EP, to be released September 9. Less than a week, Euphoric readers. Keep your ears open and eyes to our page for the review.



Ok, folk music is not really Euphoric’s forte. However, local artists are. So when Santa Cruz folk duo, Oh, Bears! dropped their newest recording on Soundcloud I pounced on it like Yogi on a picnic basket.

For the past couple of years, Kyle Nosler (guitar/lead vocals) and Dan Lamothe (stand-up bass. You might also recognize him as the bassist for local punk outfit, Stellar Corpses) have rocked the local circuit as Oh, Bears! Steeped in dusty road stories, their music is more country folk than anything, but the energy and ethics of punk is undeniably there.


“Drugs and Blasphemy (Self-Medicate)” is a perfect example. Anyone familiar with their live show will immediately recognize the tune, as it’s been a fan favorite for some time. It begins with a rich melody carried by self-conscious lyrics of someone in the throws of addiction and the fast, rock ‘n roll lifestyle. The somber opening quickly crescendo’s into a fast-paced, whirlwind chorus fueled by whiskey and chemicals. As the audiences head spins further and further down the musical self-medication, Lamothe and Nosler abruptly halted the tornado for the next verse. Trust me, when they play this live, even people who hate dancing find our feet moving without rhyme or reason.

Keep on the lookout for the next time they play and I’ll stay on top of the recordings for your euphoric listening. Crossing my fingers this will be the first of many new recordings to come in the near future.