Last year vocalist, Gus Farias–ex-singer for Los Angeles metalcore outfit, Volumes,–shocked the underground music world when he dropped his solo, hip hop EP, The Saiyan Saga, under the name Yung Yogi. The six track release surprisingly had some jams, particularly “James Brown,” with his gangsta beat and accompanying video featuring weed, Hennessy and–what appears to be–flintlock, pirate pistols.

His latest track just dropped and we’re scooping it up. Produced by the one and only Getter, “No Love” is a short, one minute and fifteen second song that’s on point with lyrics and music. “Bitch, I told you I don’t want no love” he screams halfway through the track and you know what? I believe him.Who says you need 3 minutes to get your point across? Definitely not Yung Yogi.

Whether the minute song is a fun side project, or a glimpse of things to come on a new EP, Yogi isn’t giving any info. But he certainly has our attention. Stay tuned, Euphoric readers.