Lulacruza – Comandante ( Kr3ture Remix)


South American folk duo, Lulacruza, beautifully combines traditional, Latin American music with subtle, modern electronic beats to create a style that’s as current as it is ancient. Last year they released, Orcas, which featured a particularly rich and soothing track called “Comandante.”

Alejandra Ortiz’s shamanic voice travels through the listeners third eye while the Luis Maurette’s instrumentation transports anyone in ear shot to a different time and place. I know, sounds pretty fucking hippy, but I wouldn’t lie to you, my loyal reading public. It’s so good I immediately texted a close friend to check it out. Pretty exciting stuff.


However, I was shocked to see Santa Cruz DJ, Kr3ture, had a remix of “Comandante” on Lulacruz’s latest version of Orcas Remixed: Vol. 5. mainly because why-the-fuck had I not heard about this?!? Afterall, I already knew Kr3ture had great taste in music and he proves it with the remix.

His “Comandante” captures the etheral spirit of the original but speeds it up for the dancing crowd. Well, for the chill dancing crowd at the end of the night, which is always my jam anyways (thanks weed!).  Ortiz’s lyrics haunt the background of the track while his active beats liven up mix. Sit down, straighten up and euphorically meditate to this dynamic new song.