Flume – “Say It” ft. Tove Lo (Illenium Remix)

We should all be familiar with Flume by now. The Australian producer and musician, born Harley Edward Streten, hit the scene in a powerful way with remixes and collaborations with Lorde, Arcade Fire and Sam Smith. His second album, Skin, dropped earlier this year and ignited the critics. His tracks are light but driven, taking the listener through an acid daydream of beauty.

Illenium might not be as known as Flume, but just wait. The Denver based producer has only been on the scene for the last 2 years or so but already has a nice body of work on his turntables. Along with his remixes of artists like the Chainsmokers, Odesza and Dawn Golden, Illenium released his debut album, Ashes, earlier this year and it’s a helluva ride through the sonic mind. He’s currently on tour throughout the U.S. so check his site (illenium.com) for dates near you.

Here’s Illenium’s remix of this year’s latest Flume single, “Say It.”  It’s a 4.5 minute track that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face and give  you a moment to yourself. Enjoy euphorically.


Lulacruza – Comandante ( Kr3ture Remix)


South American folk duo, Lulacruza, beautifully combines traditional, Latin American music with subtle, modern electronic beats to create a style that’s as current as it is ancient. Last year they released, Orcas, which featured a particularly rich and soothing track called “Comandante.”

Alejandra Ortiz’s shamanic voice travels through the listeners third eye while the Luis Maurette’s instrumentation transports anyone in ear shot to a different time and place. I know, sounds pretty fucking hippy, but I wouldn’t lie to you, my loyal reading public. It’s so good I immediately texted a close friend to check it out. Pretty exciting stuff.


However, I was shocked to see Santa Cruz DJ, Kr3ture, had a remix of “Comandante” on Lulacruz’s latest version of Orcas Remixed: Vol. 5. mainly because why-the-fuck had I not heard about this?!? Afterall, I already knew Kr3ture had great taste in music and he proves it with the remix.

His “Comandante” captures the etheral spirit of the original but speeds it up for the dancing crowd. Well, for the chill dancing crowd at the end of the night, which is always my jam anyways (thanks weed!).  Ortiz’s lyrics haunt the background of the track while his active beats liven up mix. Sit down, straighten up and euphorically meditate to this dynamic new song.



What’s better than two awesome things coming together to create perfection? Peanut Butter and Jelly. Whiskey and Coke. Gatorade and hangovers. Ok, maybe that last one works but not in the context I meant. Whatever. Here’s another thing to add to the list of amazing combinations: Stranger Things and Twenty-One Pilots brought to us by the Bay Area’s own, DJ Tripp.

For those who never came back from that last acid trip over the festival season, Stranger Things is the take-off hit Netflix series. Set in the 1980’s the show follows a group of one-day-will-rule-the-tech-world middle school nerds who are trying to find their friend, Will, after he mysteriously disappears. Along with his friends, Will’s mother–played by Winona Ryder–is the only other person who also believes he is alive and joins the hunt. The series chases the viewer into a forest of twists and turns as a strange girl named Eleven shows up followed by Men in Black figures.

Oh, and did I mention the monster from a parallel universe that eats people? Yeah, there’s that too.



Keeping with the kitsch 80’s theme, the soundtrack to Stranger Things is a tasty soup of hits from the decade and original synth music.

DJ Tripp–who is the resident DJ for 80’s and 90’s night at the Blue Lagoon in Santa Cruz every Thursday and Friday night and DJs Bootie at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco every Saturday–has quite the ear for music. While listening to the latest Twenty-One Pilots song, “Heathens”–written for the Suicide Squad soundtrack–he noticed it sounded eerily similar to the theme music for the Netflix cult hit. When he realized they were even in the same key, he set to work and created this fun remix.

I’ve been blasting it all morning while trying to figure out just wtf happened to Barbara.




Long Live 90’s R&B! So says Aabo. Or, at least, he subliminally says in his latest track, an updated and remixed version of Brandy’s “Almost Doesn’t Count.”  The San Francisco DJ and member of world-funk collective, Afromassive dropped his latest track on Monday and it digs deep.

Aabo does Brandy’s vocals justice by keeping them on the track. Her soulful cry for a love she realizes will never go anywhere delivers the feels in all the right places. But while the original, 1998 track caries a twinge of hope through the music–even if things can’t get better, Brandy realizes she is an independent woman who doesn’t need a man–Aabo’s remix kills the dreamer’s dream.

While that might sound harsh, I actually love his vision of this track as a down-and-out, the world is painted in a depressing hue of blue. It’s slower. It’s mournful. It’s tragic. And it would go perfectly for that time of night when everyone in the club is winding down and trying to find some sort of deeper connection with that gyrating body in front of them.

Just remember: everybody knows, almost doesn’t count. And never be afraid to let go.


At only 20 years old, producer Mura Masa has been taking the electronic world by storm for several years now. Born in the Channel Islands, at age 16 he discovered Ableton Live and dropped his first tracks in 2013. The following year his label, Anchor Point Records was picked up by Polydor and Interscope for distribution and he subsequently released his first mixtape, Soundtrack to a Death.

After leaving the Islands to study in the United Kingdom, Masa began performing live and quickly sold out such infamous British clubs like the Green Door Store and Elektrowerkz. Last year, he dropped his first EP, Someday Somewhere, with the lead track, “Firefly,” getting significant airtime on BBC1.

Euphoric is excited to spread his latest track, a remix of indipop band–Foals’– “Night Swimmers.” Only hours old, Mura Masa’s vision is a bass-filled and beat-driven track that keeps the integrity of the original with a burning twist. Utilizing looped vocals and spaced-out timing, Masa reinvents “Night Swimmers” as an introspective and carnal trip through the mind.

Sit back, pop in some headphones and let your thoughts wander. Mura Masa  is in control, now.





Yesterday Bob Dylan–you know, that guy your parents always tried to get you to listen to when you were young but you really discover when you’re in college–celebrated his 75th birthday. In honor of the King of Garbled Crooning with the Golden Lyrics, Animal Collective remixed his famous, early career track, “Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright.”

Needless to say, the Baltimore band of experimental pop artists do a complete make-over of the classic Dylan song. While the original is a break-up song, it’s also a little faster than most, moving away from the heartbreak and infusing a sliver of hope to the listener with it’s charismatic tempo. Animal Collective turns this concept on its head with a heartbeat tempo; strange mystical sounds and their signature animal noises in the background. We have to admit, it’s oddly soothing and surprisingly good, even with the looped samples of Dylan’s harmonica lulling ears at the end.