He might have trap beats, but don’t call Troyboi a “trap producer.” In an interview 2 years ago on, the 28 year old Londoner said:

“I feel I’m still evolving, and I can’t wait to take it a step further. I couldn’t think of anything worse than being labeled as a ‘Trap Producer’ in a non-evolving genre, stuck making the same old beat pattern, same drum kit, same 808, same synths with the same old formula. I don’t believe in being a one-trick-pony; I’d rather be a five-trick-platypus.”

and over the past two years he’s pulled out more than five tricks.


Taking inspiration from the entertainment media–along with his India, Nigerian, Chinese and Portuguese heritage, the platypus of EDM creates intricate and strange beats that flow with Middle Eastern influence for a modern world.

His latest track, “Sensei,” is three and a half minutes of uncommon sounds stirred to electronic perfection. True, the foundation lies on a trap beat, yet Troyboi builds the structure out of flutes, violins and rhythmic chanting culminating in a track that shows he still has a lot to teach the rest of the music world. Smoke some sensimilla, and listen to “Sensei” in that euphoric state of mind.