Can’t stop, won’t stop. Basically, that’s exactly what Rihanna’s “Work” track has been doing since it was dropped earlier this year. Anyone with working hearing  knows you can’t go to a club, turn on a radio, or search the net without hearing at least the original version, let alone the plethora of remixes.

Can’t stop, won’t stop also seems to be the motto of long collaboration duo, Aabo and Lafa Taylor. The two recently released the a Feel EP earlier this year, along with a 3 hour freestyle on Aabo’s Soundcloud, last month.

Today, the team dropped their  own remix of “Work,” although “cover” might be a better label. Not only does it feature Lafa Taylor on vocals, but Aabo’s version takes a grinding club beat and lightens it up to an atmospheric level. Much more ambient than the original, Aabo  shakes things up by ending the track with a soft, jazzy guitar that sounds more like baby-making music than a corporate radio hit.

If all that isn’t enough, Taylor is getting ready to play Northern Nights in roughly 3 weeks, but only after he does the FREE EUPHORIC show at the Catalyst–in Santa Cruz, Ca–on July 2. With Aabo only 70 miles away, fans just might be in for a collaborating treat.

Just make sure you get the night off and don’t have to work, work, work.