Can’t stop, won’t stop. Basically, that’s exactly what Rihanna’s “Work” track has been doing since it was dropped earlier this year. Anyone with working hearing  knows you can’t go to a club, turn on a radio, or search the net without hearing at least the original version, let alone the plethora of remixes.

Can’t stop, won’t stop also seems to be the motto of long collaboration duo, Aabo and Lafa Taylor. The two recently released the a Feel EP earlier this year, along with a 3 hour freestyle on Aabo’s Soundcloud, last month.

Today, the team dropped their  own remix of “Work,” although “cover” might be a better label. Not only does it feature Lafa Taylor on vocals, but Aabo’s version takes a grinding club beat and lightens it up to an atmospheric level. Much more ambient than the original, Aabo  shakes things up by ending the track with a soft, jazzy guitar that sounds more like baby-making music than a corporate radio hit.

If all that isn’t enough, Taylor is getting ready to play Northern Nights in roughly 3 weeks, but only after he does the FREE EUPHORIC show at the Catalyst–in Santa Cruz, Ca–on July 2. With Aabo only 70 miles away, fans just might be in for a collaborating treat.

Just make sure you get the night off and don’t have to work, work, work.





As Santa Cruz bass producer, G. Jones, gets ready for his What The Festival performance in Oregon tonight, we’re give YOU  a listen to his latest banger, “Mind Tricks.”  This four minute track finds Jones teaming up with two other NorCal alumni, Bassnectar and Lafa Taylor for an existential dive down the rabbit hole–well, earholes really. With piercing whistles and drugged-out, tripped-out loop vocals, it’s easy to see why this badboy already had over 40,000 listens in 72 hours.

This all begs the question: is “Mind Tricks” an indication of more tasty collaborations to come? With the festival season in full-swing there are a lot of chances for artists to meet-up over a few beers and discuss upcoming tracks. So, we’ll just have to keep our ears to the ground and eyes peeled because 2016 is only half-way done and a lot of our favorite artists are just getting started.

Make sure to check out our FREE, LAFA TAYLOR show at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz on July 2nd before he rocks the Northern Nights festival 7/15-17.





In case you haven’t noticed, Los Angeles based producer and rapper, Lafa Taylor, has been murdering the music scene lately. Earlier this month he dropped not one, but TWO collaborations he’s featured on. One with major acts Beats Antique (“Killer Bee”)  and the other with a producer who got his start in Santa Cruz,  Bassnectar (“Speakerbox”). This comes after a string of constant touring and playing some of the year’s biggest festivals, like Serenity Gathering, Envision and Lightning In a Bottle.

For those who might’ve missed it due to poor decision making, Lafa just dropped a LIB 2016 Recap video, produced by Michael Daniel. Featuring the Starro remix of his and Aabo’s song, “Run To Me,” the two minute feature transcends the festival’s feelings of community and love.

Wide, aerial drone footage sweeps across the screen, landing on Taylor’s set that’s clearly a party for the audience and performers. Dancers, back-up singers and a stage full of fans, Lafa’s energy is clearly contagious as slow-motion shots capture the sea of smiles. Look closely and you might even see a familiar face or three.

Make sure to catch Lafa Taylor in July at the Catalyst Club in Santa Cruz and at the Northern Nights Music Festival in Cooks Valley between Humboldt and Mendocino Counties.