Direct – Trust In Me EP

Sometimes you find the right soundtrack to accentuate your life. That one album that finds its way into your brain and somehow provides tracks to the moments in your life that mean the most. The ups. The downs. The in-betweens. The après le déluge, as it were. 

Trust in Me by Direct is one of those EPs.



Released by Monstercat, Trust in Me divulges into the dark and deep parts of the human subconscious while still maintaining its pop sensibility. A task not easily taken but then again, Direct ‘s work ethic is all in his name.

Hailing from New Jersey, Direct has already earned his stripes in the EDM scene, garnering positive reviews from places like and The Untz. His website boasts a Moodboard to accompany the five song EP, that is a “collection of visual art that relates to the Trust In Me EP,” and it doesn’t disappoint. The visuals are just as beautiful as the delicate yet powerful music. Elegant and surreal, Direct dives into the psyche and brings the listener up for air just in time.

So whether you’re staying up late on that big project, relaxing with a spliff in your bed, or taking a long drive to gather your thoughts underneath the man-made stars that align the blacktop of our lives, turn this on and let your mind wander. Just remember Euphoric told you so.