For those who have been paying attention in a euphoric manner, Santa Cruz DJ and Producer, LabRat, isn’t a new name. The 25 year old Bass engineer has been rocking the scene since 2010, when he released his remix of the XX’s “Crystalized” to great acclaim. Since then, he has crafted his own unique style of dubstep and EDM, blowing up the Bay Area and festival scene.

Yesterday he dropped his latest track, “California Condor,” a three and a half minute flight through his trippy brain on  MalLabel Music. Unlike the track’s namesake, the Bass scene is in no way close to being labeled “critically endangered,” especially if Labrat has anything to say about it.

“California Condor” soars through the musical genre, with pockets of  high-pitched electronic glitchiness guiding the track through an open space of heavy bass. There are no low valleys here, just peaks of happiness to gaze down upon while the instrumentals. So get comfy, place your tray tables and seats in the upright position, and brace yourself for a sonic adventure through the mind’s sky.