Tell me if you’ve heard this one: Simpsonwave. Yup, that’s right. The iconic, decades long-running cartoon show now has its own musical genre.


Combining clips from the series with chillwave and vaporwave beats to bring you the best soundtrack of the summer. After 10 minutes of meditating with these bad boys, you’ll feel like Lisa when she found Buddhism. Think about it: what’s better than smoking a bone in the sun with mellow beats washing over you to quintessential Simpsons moments?

When the movement began, nobody was sure if it was a joke, one-time thing or the beginning of something bigger. But after a little while, artists like FrankJavCee, Lucien Huges, Lilo XG and BlankBanshee have continued to push the genre quicker than Homer can scarf donuts.

Set the volume on high, grab a Duff and relax with your favorite disfunctional family from the 90’s.