“My idle hands lead to evil thoughts, that’s what I was told,” begins the latest track from Sacramento hip-hop duo, Hippie Sabotage. “Options” is a slow jam, track with more balls than Hillary Clinton facing indictment. Which makes sense after a video was released two weeks ago of the band fighting security at Portland’s, What The Festival.

The song continues with lines, “So let the demons hang me up, ’cause motherfucker I ain’t dead ’til I say so. Cause I’ve been fighting all my fucking life, so I’m gonna say it til the fucking end.” Abrasive words that speak volumes to anyone who has felt down-and-out, or whoever had someone tell them they’re on the wrong path by following their dreams.

But keep in mind, even if you have options and give the middle finger to the world, that also means having to deal with the fall-out. Hippie Sabotage knows. Yesterday,  the Low End Theory Festival tweeted Hippie Sabotage WILL NOT be playing the Los Angeles music fest, although the tweet failed to divulge the specific reason.