Here at Euphoric, we try to bring to you the hottest artists with the freshest material. And it doesn’t get much fresher than this!

Out of nowhere comes Drugs of the Future. Their latest–and so far, only–track on Soundcloud is barely two hours old but it’s one of the chillest ambient tracks we’ve heard in a while. “Solstice” puts the listener in a mellow mood while stimulating the senses with enough excitement so you won’t fall asleep.

With a song and account so new (after all, they currently only have six followers), it begs the question–Who is/are the Drugs of the Future? Intuition suggests some fresh up-and-comers, but with production and quality music like “Solstice,” we might discover a familiar name when more information comes out.

Stay tuned, Euphoric fans, and blast “Solstice” to pre-game for tonight’s Strawberry Moon.