A melody of brass horns floats through the air as the murmur of a vinyl LP rotates in the background. Then a rough but smooth voice comes through the speakers as Your Old Droog spits (“I don’t rap, I skat”) lyrics not about money and bling, but jazz artists and real life.

The song twists and bends through the chambers of your mind.

Jazz guitar sporadically breaks through the smoke of music and memories, adding an extra layer of euphoria. And this is only the first single released by DJ Skizz from his upcoming album, Cruise Control, due July 29th.

Born in Boston, Skizz now resides in Brooklyn and if “Listen to Jazz” is any indication of what to expect from Cruise Control, he will have one of the hottest albums in 2016. For hip hop fans that prefer substance over materialism, “Listen to Jazz” is reminiscent of Entroducing DJ Shadow, and early De La Soul. The perfect soundtrack for chilling with your crush this summer to show him or her just how smooth you be.