Anyone who says hip-hop is dead hasn’t checked out Chicago’s SaveMoney collective. The most famous name to come out of the group to this point has been Chance the Rapper, but all that is about to change with the drop of Joey Purps’ debut, iiiDrops.

I’m sure you’re thinking, “But Joey Purps has been building his name for the last year featuring bars on several tracks,” which is true. But fam, check it. The singles he has been releasing on the path to his debut have been some of the most fire hip hop I’ve heard in a minute. First came “Photobooth,” with it’s James Brown horn section samples and just the right amount of space floating between the booming beat.

Enter his second single, “Girls.”

Following in the footsteps of “Photobooth,” there’s a lot going on in this song and yet maintains a minimal sound that keeps it honest. Produced by Knox Fortune–another SaveMoney member who recently made his debut on Chance’s latest mixtape, Coloringbook,– “Girls” plays between a rubbery, bouncing bass and odd sounds like chimes, bubble pops and a subtle rhythm in the background as if someone is drumming on a drinking glass. So how did he create so much space for Purp and Chance to lay their flows so smoothly?

Purp and crew are creating new, exciting music with an old school flow and feel that feels almost timeless. I guess the future will tell but for now, turn this shit up loud!!!

iiiDrops on May 27th