After two years, we finally get a new album from the Trap Lord himself, A$AP FERG. Dropped this month, Always Strive and Prosper, finds the Harlem rapper evolving his style with songs that are–dare I say–happier than on his 2014 release, Trap Lord. Which is a weird thing to write, because the album still has its dark moments, as on “Hungry Ham,”–about his hometown streets–even if the music itself is upbeat and features Skrillex and Crystal Caines. Along with those two unlikely collaborations, A$AP’s sophmore album features an array of guest artists picked from some of the newest hip hop crop–like Big Sean–to established names in the game like Future and even Missy Elliot.

Therein lies the enigma of Always Strive and Prosper. Half of the album showcases dance-able, happy music with the usual morbid, hip hop lyrics. The other half features slower, more somber beats flowing under lyrics that–while introspective–are more positive than we’ve heard from Ferg in the past. Case in point, his latest single.

On Flem, with a beautiful and head-banging beat by Kirk Knight, Ferg gets deep about his life and how it has changed in the last six years since joining his high school friends in the A$AP Mob. He discusses the fame, playing Coachella and realizing just how crazy it all has been. Then there are lyrics like this:

I could’ve fucked my life up

with the Bobby ‘n Whitney route

God bless ’em

Them drugs is a weapon

would get me so high i had to learn my lesson

bet i came a long way from depression

dealing with oppression

A true heart-to-heart with the listener and far more telling of where he is these days. Clear minded and focused on the game, A$AP Ferg is back and here to always strive and prosper.



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