It’s been two days since Prince died and the world is still in shock as details of his last days come to light. As with any musician, death has a bittersweet twinge for listeners as more and more artist estates release more unheard tunes posthumously, than they did when alive. Cue today’s mix.

Back in 1989, a young Tim Burton was taking the Hollywood scene by storm. He already had two successful hits under his belt (Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure and Beetlejuice) and decided to embark on a dark version of everyone’s favorite masked Gotham vigilante, Batman. For the soundtrack, he picked one of the day’s hottest recording artists which ended up being Prince’s 11th studio album.

While today it definitely sounds like your cliche, 1980’s song, “Batdance” actually made it’s way to Billboard’s Hot 100 list when it was released. Here we have a previously, unreleased mix featuring 1980’s hip hop extraordinaire, Big Daddy Kane. Prince maybe dead, but he will always be the king of soulful, dance music.