What better way to start your day than with a pumped-up remix? Good Enuff–the sub-label to Diplo’s Mad Decent— has you covered as they just posted a brand new Willy Joy remix of the Nghtmre & Boombox Cartel track “Aftershock.”  Although it’s roughly a year old already, Joy gives it new life with his chopped and screwed ways proving what geologist have been saying for years: sometimes the aftershocks are stronger than the quake.



If Willy Joy isn’t a household name yet, just wait. the Chicago-based producer and DJ has been hustling in the scene for five years. In the last two his career began to take off with remixes of Flosstradamus and A-Trak along with his own “Geeks” on Fool’s Gold.

So grab your coffee, roll a spliff, do some sun salutations and blast this on high for a euphorically good time. Namaste Motherfuckers!



Fresh off the producer’s board and straight to your earholes we present Labrat’s latest track, “Lemon Tree.” The 29 year old Santa Cruz producer broke into the scene six years ago with his remix of XX’s “Crystalized,” which went viral on YouTube, earning him an international audience. In 2011 he dropped his debut EP, “Test Subject,” and has continued pushing the boundaries of the EDM scene to last year’s three song EP, “Break The Cage.”

“Lemon Tree” is Labrat’s freshest and most organically local material, named after the Santa Cruz medicinal strain turned brand. The track itself is a euphoric high of reggae with dubstep break downs and electronic build-ups. Floating over and throughout are mellow vocals reminding the listener to take a breath and chill in a cloud of the citrus goodness. Trust me, homie. You’re gonna wanna hear this shit.

Hit play on this fire track and prepare for Labrat’s sets at Northern Nights, this weekend on the–you guessed it–Lemon Tree stage,  and Organic Fest (August 12-14) in Wilseyville, California. Don’t be that person who won’t have anything to talk about with your crew because you slipped.




Yesterday Bob Dylan–you know, that guy your parents always tried to get you to listen to when you were young but you really discover when you’re in college–celebrated his 75th birthday. In honor of the King of Garbled Crooning with the Golden Lyrics, Animal Collective remixed his famous, early career track, “Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright.”

Needless to say, the Baltimore band of experimental pop artists do a complete make-over of the classic Dylan song. While the original is a break-up song, it’s also a little faster than most, moving away from the heartbreak and infusing a sliver of hope to the listener with it’s charismatic tempo. Animal Collective turns this concept on its head with a heartbeat tempo; strange mystical sounds and their signature animal noises in the background. We have to admit, it’s oddly soothing and surprisingly good, even with the looped samples of Dylan’s harmonica lulling ears at the end.