If you’re from the Bay Area, then you already know the name Snafu. Born in the Midwest, the electronic hiphop producer and dj has called San Francisco his home since 2014 and has been hitting the scene with ferocity ever since. But i won’t get much into his details because Euphoric reporter Sam Working already did that earlier this year in this great¬†interview.

On Sept 22 Snafu released two, brand-spanking new tracks on Play Me Records and I swear summer was back because they are HOT. . .ok. I apologize for that horrible metaphor. It won’t happen again.

The first track, “Streetwise,” is a slamming drum & bass track that will get even the EDM haters nodding their heads to the beat. His breaks and builds are fresh and strange, leaving a lasting impression in the mind of his audience.

“WTF” is my favorite of the two, however. What can I say? I’m a sucker for hiphop and heavy, thunderous beats. Lil’ Flip’s lyrics and delivery flawlessly flow over SNAFU’s mix of rap beats and wigged-out electronic noises. It’s boom. It’s hard. It lives up to it’s name. But don’t take my word for it. Press play and tell me what the fuck you think.




Fans of Drum & Bass, get ready for this one. San Francisco DJ, Snafu, recently remixed Herobust’s “Pipette Up” and it sounds like the most insane night on drugs I’ve had in a while.

While the original is more on the lean side, as in sizzurpy slow, Snafu injects the track with a dose of molly and quicker timing.

The track comes a month before his appearance at the debut, Organic Fest, in Northern California. Click on the link but make sure you get to a safe place with some comfort food before you do.