Sometimes it takes a while for art to reveal itself and 9 times out of 10, it’s usually for the better. That’s exactly how Partywave’s remix of CLAMR’s “Clout” sounds.” Even though the original song came out almost a year ago, it was well worth the wait to hear Partywave’s take on the track.

The California native, hailing from San Diego, is still up-and-coming in the Bass and Trap scene but has already sharpened his teeth in the last year. Representing West Coast Bass, he has already shared the national circuit stages with acts such as Mr. Carmack, Great Dane and G Jones, the last who you can see in Feb 2017 at the Santa Cruz Music Festival.

“Clout” feat. Sophia Cruz contains all the unique elements of the original track while supplying the listener with a fresh set of goods. Cruz’s spell-binding voice flows throughout the track with Partywave utilizing her most hypnotic parts for an experience that walks the line between drunken euphoria and mind-boggling ecstasy. The golden chimes and calming sounds of water flowing throughout the song only add to the religious experience.

Check out the track on Spotify, iTunes or AppleMusic and keep checking back on this prolific artist. Something tells us he will be making A LOT more waves in the next year.




There  I was, feeling down on myself because I was recently dumped and figured I’d distract my mind with a little work. I opened Soundcloud to see who has posted the latest in dance music and somehow–maybe a moment of kizmet since it IS Rosh Hashanah (that’s the Jewish New Year for all you Gentiles)–quickly stumbled upon Ellusive’s “Space Between Us (feat. Erene).”

You know that weird moment when you discover a new song that somehow seems to be written about that exact moment in your life? What the fuck, right? How does that happen? Damn you, Ellusive. Ok, maybe that’s a lot of exaggeration considering I’m not that torn up since I’m fairly certain I’m a sociopath, but you get the idea.

Despite the ambushed genital punch in the feels, the track is a 3 min and 44 second monologue, beautifully sung by Erene with the grandiose beats we all love about EDM. Ellusive even throws in a couple of trap beats to keep things interesting and moving right along.

So whether you’re looking for something external to introspectively dive into, or you’re just looking for a smooth track to chill to, don’t shy away from Ellusive. After “Space Between Us,” even I’m looking forward to seeing what else he has up his sleeve.

SoundSnobz – CTRL

Ok, I’m going to admit it. I’m not really what you would call an EDM fan. Born and raised in Rock ‘N Roll, I graduated to punk, jazz, soul, outlaw country and metal. Basically every damn thing I could get my hands onto besides electronic music.

Then, the gods that be decided to get a good chuckle and I scored a job writing for Now I’m nipple-deep in bass, trap, house, and other electronic music I’m actually starting to ENJOY the damn stuff. Oh irony, you tricky fox.

Recently, I was shown UK producer Troyboi, and discovered just how artistic this genre can be. I jumped on the chance to work the Euphoric Press Tent at Northern Nights this last July curious not only for the adventure, but to check out Troyboi’s set. And he did not disappoint. His electrifying energy and unique style shocked even the most critical parts of my brain into admitting I was witnessing something pure, original and new. But again, I’m late to the party.


“CTRL” the latest release from SoundSnobz–Troyboi’s collaboration project with IceKream–was released yesterday on Elysian Records and fits nicely in the band’s discography. “CTRL” continues the duo’s innovative style while keeping the track firmly anchored with an infectious beat. While they aren’t reinventing the wheel with this one, it still ventures into experimental territory at times, keeping the song fresh and alive.

Is this this sign of more, new SoundSnobz tunes to come? Stay tuned!


Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in! 

Well, kind of. 

After a long delay, Weird Journalism is back and the blogging will commence so bend over and read!!!! 

Kicking off our return is a very EXCLUSIVE piece on last weekend’s rare and elusive, FORM ASCROSANTI festival in Arizona. With an application process for tickets and only a few hundred given away, guest writer Jordan Fickel (DJ Bear Hugs) wasn’t sure what to expect. Here is part one from his strange time in the desert…


“Remember?  That exclusive music festival in Arizona I applied for?”

“Oh, you mean Hipster Summer Camp.  You have to call it that. That’s what it is now,” my usually stoic roommate said, a glint of amusement in his eyes.

It’s true.  I had been calling it Hipster Summer Camp.  That was before I was accepted, anyway. However, now that FORM Arcosanti gave me the golden ticket, my sour grapes attitude had dissipated and I honestly felt kind of bad for calling it that for so long.

FORM is an invite only music festival in a strange small town in the middle of the Arizona desert. The town is so small that it can only host a few hundred people at a time. So,  the festival curators have an application process that asks vague, artsy questions like “What inspires you?” and “What will you bring to FORM if accepted?” and bizarrely “Animal, Vegetable or Mineral?” The answers deemed creative enough get an invite to this exclusive festival. Seems pretty pretentious and inclusive, right? Those were my thoughts, initially. But imagine this: a music festival with no screaming woo girls in culturally appropriated fashion, no blackout bros trying molly for the first time, no one vomiting on your shoes… just a small number of laid back, creative adults trying to appreciate the experience.  That’s what was so appealing to me. I only recognized two of the bands, and there was only one that really excited me, but the experience seemed so unusual and magical… I had to at least apply. I filled out the application honestly, which is a little unusual for me. Normally, I try to game the system.


Chris and the author en route and looking good.

I told my friends and my boyfriend all about it and was shocked at the lack of interest. I truly believed this is going to be a once in a lifetime type event, but I was unable to convince anyone else of it. I told my boyfriend Chris that if I got an invite I was going, but it probably wasn’t going to happen. Not only is this a bizarre magical event in a strange town in the desert, it is also completely free to get in if they pick you.

“Making it expensive would mean only wealthy people can come. not down” festival curators Hundred Waters said in a facebook post regarding FORM.  I was the only one who wanted to go to Hipster Summer Camp.  That is, until I got an email saying I could go.

Chris was miserable and kind of angry. We had been to a bunch of weird, magical shows since we’ve been dating, and he was pissed I got to go to this one without him. I told him I’d see what I could do.  I got in from work at 3 am, Chris already passed out.  I sent an email to the info email on the FORM webpage, outlining our situation.  Again, I didn’t embellish anything. I truly believed Chris deserved to go.  I asked in the email if they would consider a late application if any slots opened, and I went to sleep.  When I woke up they had sent a response.

“Jordan, Send us your partner’s full name and email and we’ll send him an invite. :)”

I was thrilled, but surprised too.  This was bizarrely personal for a music festival, which is a trend I hope continues over the course of this weekend.

And then I was a convert. I stopped calling it Hipster Summer Camp, though the name still stuck.  I had preacehd it to the world and it no longer belonged to me.

There are two types of tickets, people who camp on site and day passes.  Chris and I got day passes.  We’re in a hotel in Prescott, Arizona (pronounced “press-cut”, I found out last night) 30 miles north of Arcosanti.  It’s pretty much the closest hotel; Arcosanti really is out in the middle of nowhere.  There are bell-castings, there’s a pool, and there’s a Moog synthesizer lab, in addition to the music.  Holy shit I haven’t mentioned anything about the music yet.


Chris in AZ. kicking ass and taking names

One reason the name Hipster Summer Camp is appropriate is most of the bands have albums that reviewed well on Pitchfork.  If you need some genres here are some appropriate ones: ambient, drone, house, indie, experimental, noise, downtempo.  Here are some band names: Hundred Waters, How To Dress Well, Pharmakon, The Antlers, Moses Sumney.

The big question is who is headlining tonight.  The lineup just says “very special guest”, and this guest gets the longest set out of anyone for the entire weekend.

I’m obviously not worried too much about the music, which I guess is odd for a music festival. My opinion is that music festivals are one of the worse ways to see a band live, to be honest. It’s like going to a bar to find a date. I’m going to have an amazing bizarre experience. I hope the bands are good! I’ll have fun either way.