Sometimes it takes a while for art to reveal itself and 9 times out of 10, it’s usually for the better. That’s exactly how Partywave’s remix of CLAMR’s “Clout” sounds.” Even though the original song came out almost a year ago, it was well worth the wait to hear Partywave’s take on the track.

The California native, hailing from San Diego, is still up-and-coming in the Bass and Trap scene but has already sharpened his teeth in the last year. Representing West Coast Bass, he has already shared the national circuit stages with acts such as Mr. Carmack, Great Dane and G Jones, the last who you can see in Feb 2017 at the Santa Cruz Music Festival.

“Clout” feat. Sophia Cruz contains all the unique elements of the original track while supplying the listener with a fresh set of goods. Cruz’s spell-binding voice flows throughout the track with Partywave utilizing her most hypnotic parts for an experience that walks the line between drunken euphoria and mind-boggling ecstasy. The golden chimes and calming sounds of water flowing throughout the song only add to the religious experience.

Check out the track on Spotify, iTunes or AppleMusic and keep checking back on this prolific artist. Something tells us he will be making A LOT more waves in the next year.




Whhhhooaaaa, hold up.  How did this one pass us up??? Luckily the video just dropped last week, so we can pick up the fumble.

For every person who had their friends clownin’ on yo girl and you had to yell out, “She ain’t fat, just a lil thick,” this song is for you. The man who likes everything gold, Trinidad James, has joined forces with NOLA alumni, Mystikal and our newest favorite, Jewish rapper, Lil’ Dicky. This party jam celebrates the curvier side of life and all the joys they can bring. And honestly, how can anyone not love Mystikal angrily yelling lines like “She ain’t chubby, she juicy!” ???

The video is even more fun and outrageous with shots of Lil Dicky eating food in a hot tub with two thick hotties and even a random, mariachi midget getting it on under a table. Sure, maybe it’s a little offensive, but that’s one of the reasons why we all love  hip hop, right? Besides, ain’t nothing wrong with celebrating the big ladies. Like Mystikal says, “sure she might be a little round but she look like Beyonce layin’ down.”

BUOY–“Clouds & Rain”

As we quickly approach the half-way mark of 2016, there have been several artists to watch for and Buoy is one of them. Born Charmian Kingston, this Aussie singer has been brewing in the underground with two singles from earlier this year.  Last week she released her debut EP, Immersion, and it has already gained momentum for his dark, ambient tones set to odd, yet catchy beats.


On “Clouds & Rain” we find Buoy exemplifying this.  A strange, house-like background sets the scene as Buoy lyrically explores the space between the sounds. Strikingly haunting and undeniably infectious, she builds upon the beat in ways many of today’s artists only dream. Keep your ear to the ground in the next several months and it’s a guarantee her name will pop up again, probably more than once.







Enigmatic, colorful and with a luscious voice, Elohim is changing the pop-synth scene. The L.A. based artist uses imagery and masks to conceal her identity, only going by the Hebrew name for “God.”

Debuting her first single only last year, Elohim has taken the blogosphere by storm, gaining momentum with listeners not being able to get enough of her pop songs and dark lyrics. Her music conveys a sense of intimacy, sometimes almost as if she is speaking directly to the listener about her life, a theory confirmed in the several interviews circulating the net.

“Sensations” is the debut single from her forthcoming, self-titled, EP.  But God only knows she is just starting to make her waves and will be riding the music scene for a while to come.