A few hours ago The Untz dropped the premiere of CloZinger’s  remix of  Spoken Bird’s “Moment of Clarity.” Here’s a little back story.

Spoken Bird is a DJ and Producer from Berkeley, Ca. He hit the scene a few years back now and has proven himself to be an innovator and pusher of new and interesting sounds. His heavy bass beats mixed with eclectic music styles and instruments–“Moment of Clarity” begins with an almost gypsy-like melody complete with accordian–rise him to the top of his class.



CloZinger is the collaboration project made up of  two artists, CloZee and Scarfinger, both from Toulouse, France. Both respected artists on their own in their country, the two decided to combine efforts in 2013. After two years, they dropped their debut EP, OVIATION, exploring the music and sounds of electronic, hip hop, glitch-hop and future bass.

“Moment of Carity (CloZinger Remix)” is a beautifully done track that combines the best of all the artists involved. It still amazes me out instrumental music can paint such a wild and imaginative portrait in one’s mind when we finally choose to give in, relax, and euphorically listen.